Data scientist R1

Publish date December 23th 2019

Data scientist R1

Energy Systems Analytics Group announces a position as Data Scientist (R1). The candidate will work on technical research projects in the fields of optimal energy management, energy efficiency, smart grids and sustainable vehicles. The tasks to be carried out will be mainly focused on machine learning algorithms, data management and data visualization.

This professional must be highly skilled in statistics, artificial intelligence, data management and visualization. Capacity to work in a team, flexible, innovative, with initiative and problem solving skills would be valuable. High level of analytical and synthesis skills would be beneficial.

Qualifications and experience required:

- Degree or master in statistics or mathematics, or alternatively in computer science, telecommunications, electrical engineering or statistics with programming experience.

- Skills are required for the following:
o Knowledge of Python
o Experience in machine-learning libraries such as Pytorch, Tensorflow.
o Knowledge on data base management.
o Knowledge on data visualization.
- Other skills required
o Self-motivated and open-minded
o Good communication skills

- Experience in data science tools: R, Python (NumPy, SciPy)
- Experience in data visualization tools: D3.js, QGIS, Grafana, ggplot2, gnuplot,…
- Knowledge on Statistics and Machine Learning: clustering, multivariate analysis, reporting and interpretation.

Language required:
- Fluent in Spanish and English.

Personal Skills:
- Team Worker.
- Initiative in Research and Innovation.
- Flexibility.
- Results-oriented.
- Analytical and synthesis capabilities.

Salaries will be paid in accordance with the IREC’s salary policy, depending on the candidate’s qualification and professional experience.

Send applications by email  ( Aquesta adreça electrònica s'està protegint contra robots de correu brossa, necessiteu que el JavaScript estigui habilitat per a mostrar-la ) including CV, academic and professional records and motivation letter. Please indicate “NºRef.57/2019” in the subject.