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Power Systems Research Group Leader:

Resolution date March 23th 2017


Publish date March 2nd2017
N.Ref. 7/2017

Power Systems Research Group Leader:

A group leader position, reporting to the Electrical Engineering Research Area leader, is offered to lead the Power Systems (PS) research group. The PS focuses its research and technological development in the field of power systems applied to wind energy, micro grids and smart grids. PS research group is integrated within the Energy Efficiency in Systems, Buildings and Communities (ECOS) research area of IREC.
Main responsibilities will be:
- Lead the research activity of the group
- Define the vision, mission and strategic roadmap of the Group as part of the ECOS research strategy
- Set the scientific and technology goals and manage the resources to achieve them
- Rise funding from National and European programs and from Industry
- Manage the resources, budget and planning of the group
- Represent the Institute in the activities related to the Group

Fields of expertise:
- Power systems, power converters, electrical engineering applied to:
o wind energy systems and wind power plants, with special focus on grid integration and off-shore wind power plants and systems
o grid integration of renewable energy systems, energy storage systems and electric mobility
o smart grids and microgrids, with special focus on modeling, simulation, grid integration, resilience and cibersecurity
- Modeling and simulation of power systems with special focus on grid integration and advanced controls
This professional must be highly skilled in leading research projects and teams  in the fields of expertise including experimental and laboratory activities. Capacity to lead and work in a team, flexible, innovative, with initiative and problem solving skills. High level of analytical and synthesis skills.

Qualifications and experience required:

- PhD+ at least 3 years PostDoc position in electrical engineering or equivalent
- Proven experience in the fields of expertise
- Proven experience leading collaborative research projects and proposals in the field of expertise at national and European level
- Proven experience leading industrial collaborations in the field of expertise at national and European level
- Proven experiences in leading research collaborative teams in research institutions
- Proven international experiences with other research associations and national/international research institutions
- Relevant and qualified publications and dissemination scientific activities in the field of expertise

Language required:
Fluent in Spanish and English.

Personal Skills:
- Leadership
- Team Worker
- Initiative in Research and Innovation.
- Flexibility
- Results-oriented
- Analytical and synthesis capabilities


Salaries will be paid in accordance with the IREC’s salary policy, depending on the candidate’s qualification and professional experience.

Send applications by email directly to Aquesta adreça electrònica s'està protegint contra robots de correu brossa, necessiteu que el JavaScript estigui habilitat per a mostrar-la  Please indicate “Power Systems Research Group Leader” in the subject, including:
- A motivation letter including reasons for applying, main relevant qualifications and background and strategic proposition for the position.
- The curriculum vitae.
- Scientific qualifications. A complete list of publications with the related impact index. Up to 10 publications may be attached.
- A list of patents.
- Dissemination qualifications, including participation in committees or boards.
- References and recommendations.
- Personal data.