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Campus Energia

Electrònica de Potència i Xarxes Elèctriques

Laboratory Leader

Alba Colet
c/ Josep Pla 2, B2, planta baixa
Barcelona 08019
933 562 615
933 563 802

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Alba Colet Subirachs received the Industrial Engineering degree from the school of Industrial Engineering of Barcelona (ETSEIB), Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), Barcelona, Spain, in 2009. She is specialized in Product engineering and technical systems and developed her final thesis about the “Modelling and control of a wind generation system with a permanent magnet synchronous machine for isolated low power dc microgrids”. Under this topic she presented a paper in the EPE 2009 conference held in Barcelona. Further, this work has been published in the EPE journal in June of 2010. She worked at the Centre of Technological Innovation in Static Converters and Drives (CITCEA-UPC) in a cooperation project in which she got the experience in programming DSP applied to the power electronics converters. Nowadays, she is currently involved in Smart Electrical Grid projects at the Catalonia Institute for Energy Reseach (IREC) and participated in several conferences. She also started a Master Degree in Mechatronic components and systems, from the Fundació UPC. Her research interests include renewable energy integration in power systems and power electronics.