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Dra. Diouldé Sylla
Jardins de les Dones de Negre, 1 2ª Pl
Barcelona 08930
+34 933 562 615
+34 933 563 802

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Diouldé Sylla holds a Ph. D degree in Materials Sciences from the University of La Rochelle, France (Laboratoire d’Etude des Matériaux en Milieux Aggressifs). Her graduate studies have given her an insight in the area of chemistry/physics/materials science and more precisely on Metallurgy, Electrodeposition and Corrosion during the thesis. Her thesis research (2000–2004) was focused on the electrodeposition and the characterization of the Zn–Mn coating alloys. During her part-time assistant lectureship (2005–2006), she has studied on the corrosion resistance of such coatings (exposure to model corrosion media and salt spray testing). From October 2007 to April 2010, she was integrated in the Laboratory of Electrodeposition and Corrosion (Electrodep’) of the Univ. Barcelona (Spain) in a post–doc position. The research activities were focused on the electropolishing and anodization of titanium and titanium alloys commonly used in biomedecine. The results achieved led to the publication of papers in international journals and attendance in national and international congresses. Since April 2010, she is in a post–doc position in the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research (IREC) where her skills are being applied for the development of electrochemical based routes for the growth of chalcopyrite absorbers.