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Campus Energia

12 December 2016

Bringing research to secondary schools

Pupils from the last course of high school from the Institut Jonqueres were invited at solar energy materials and systems group laboratories of the IREC by Dr. Paul Pistor last 23rd November as part of his Marie Curie fellow outreach activities. During the visit the students had the opportunity to observe the research activities that are currently being carried out at IREC on earth-abundant kesterite thin film solar cells.

Dr. Paul Pistor gave them a general introduction on the state of art on photovoltaics, before he showed the laboratory and samples at different stages of preparation.It aimed at showing the growth process that is used for these thin film solar cells at the IREC laboratory. The young visitors were especially impressed by the thinness of and by the solar simulator from the characterization laboratory.

18 November 2016

IREC present the study "Estimating the effect of energy refurbishment in the health of people. An economic perspective"

On 22nd November la Fundación La Casa que Ahorra organizes the event "A comprehensive vision of the refurbishment: its effects on the economy, health and environment." The event will take place at Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid. CENER, ITEC and IREC, which have evaluated the energy refurbishment from different perspectives, will participate.

The study developed by IREC, Estimating the effect of energy refurbishment in the health of people. An economic perspective makes an analysis of the consequences over the people’s health living in homes with inadequate temperature conditions. The study quantifies how much the health care cost, and which impact would have the energy refurbishment of buildings, from the point of view of people’s health and the economic balance.

The registration for the conference is free and you can find detailed information in the following link.

16 November 2016

Presentation of GrowSmarter Project Actions in the Smart City Expo World Congress

IREC  with Gas Natural Fenosa will present next November 17th within the frame of SCEWC 2016, on-going activities in Barcelona of GROWSMARTER Project related to development of Low Energy Districts.

Eight European Projects of H2020 Lighthouse program have teamed up with the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC) and the Green Digital Charter (GDC) Initiative to showcase their achievements in building a strong community of smart cities in Europe.

This session will take place in SCEWC premises Hall no. 2 – stand no. C336 on Thursday, November 17th at 10:30 h.

Please see the following link for more information

16 November 2016

Final results of european Enthalpy a project to improve energy efficiency in milk production where IREC and IRTA collaborates

Last Wednesday 26th of October, the final conference of the European project Enthalpy took place at the headquarters of the Research Institute of Food Technologies, IRTA. The project Enthalpy , promotes the energy efficiency in the milk production. In the frame of this project, IREC, together with IRTA, has designed a solar thermal system including a storage tank. This system transfers heat to an UHT equipment, which pasteurizes and sterilizes the milk, and to a milk powder atomizer, which dries milk. The pilot plant has been installed on the premises of IRTA and it is monitored in real time.

IREC has also developed a tool to analyze the energy vector and water consumption of each process and make comparisons among them.

Another feature of the tool is the study of the behavior of the solar collectors and storage tank over a period of several days while different treatments are produced.

The project has been disseminated in different media such as TV3 televison El Punt Avui newsletter and Radio Girona website.