16 November 2016

Final results of european Enthalpy a project to improve energy efficiency in milk production where IREC and IRTA collaborates

Last Wednesday 26th of October, the final conference of the European project Enthalpy took place at the headquarters of the Research Institute of Food Technologies, IRTA. The project Enthalpy , promotes the energy efficiency in the milk production. In the frame of this project, IREC, together with IRTA, has designed a solar thermal system including a storage tank. This system transfers heat to an UHT equipment, which pasteurizes and sterilizes the milk, and to a milk powder atomizer, which dries milk. The pilot plant has been installed on the premises of IRTA and it is monitored in real time.

IREC has also developed a tool to analyze the energy vector and water consumption of each process and make comparisons among them.

Another feature of the tool is the study of the behavior of the solar collectors and storage tank over a period of several days while different treatments are produced.

The project has been disseminated in different media such as TV3 televison El Punt Avui newsletter and Radio Girona website.

09 November 2016

Video: Human-Centric Intelligent LED engines for the take up of SSL in Europe

The Lighting Group from IREC presents the video "Human-Centric Intelligent LED engines for the take up of SSL in Europe". This outreach initiative has been funded by the EU FP7 project HI-LED and geared to the general public. The animation unveils the latest developments in the field of solid-state lighting and shows new trends in energy efficient systems and spectrally tunable lighting are presented.

The video was prepared during the month of September and the interviews were recorded in the event 2016 LED Professional Symposium in the city of Bregenz, Austria, and show the benefits of spectral reproduction capabilities and energy savings in LED and OLED technology on three different application areas:

  • Art work and museum lighting
  • Horticulture lighting
  • Circadian human centric lighting
07 November 2016

Develop, make patents and bring it to the market! Examples within XaRMAE network

Next November 16th the workshop: Desenvolupa, patenta i porta a mercat! Exemples dins de la XaRMAE. The workshop will take place in Fontseré room of faculty of physics at the University of Barcelona. Three patents will be presented:

- New electrolyte formulation for use in redox flow batteries.

- Organic based switches.

- New recycled products for thermal energy storage in buildings.

All the information and inscription can be downloaded from this link.

28 October 2016

RenewIT publishes a tool that improves CPD energy efficiency

The software developed during the RenewIT project, which is coordinated by IREC, is available for free, as well as the results of its research. The tool facilitates the development of renewable-powered data centers and improves energy efficiency of existing facilities, services and equipment. The results are extended to different climates, since the performance of its facilities has been compared in more than 60 European locations.

The main functions of the tool are available at the Press release.