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R1 PhD BMS development for EV (NºRef. 33/2019)
Convocatòria per la Cobertura Definitiva de 3 places de Professionals
Data scientist R1 NºRef.57/2019
R1 First Stage Researcher / Project Engineer - Energy Systems (NºRef. 11/2020)
R1 First Stage Researcher / Project Engineer - Models (NºRef. 12/2020)
R1 Project Engineer - Researcher in the field of Communications and Cybersecurity of Smart Grids (NºRef. 15/2020)
R2 Researcher Postion - Energy Systems Analytics(NºRef.17/2020)
Project Manager Planta Piloto (NºRef. 20/2020)
Competitive research projects developer (NºRef. 21/2020)
“Energy for Society” (XRE4S) Manager Assistant (NºRef. 22/2020)
Experienced Researcher in the field of Grid Integration of RES (N.Ref.23/2020)
R2 Preconsolidated Position - MastePV Project (NºRef.24/2020)
Laboratory Technician in Catalysis (NºRef.26/2020)
Call for Expressions of Interest for the submission of MSCA-IF
Recognised / Post-doc Researcher – Energy in Buildings (NºRef.27/2020)
Experienced researcher in Energy Systems Analytics (R3) (NºRef.28/2020)
Post Doc on Energy Systems Integration (R2) NºRef. 29/2020
PostDoc Position in 3D Printed Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (NºRef.30/2020)
R1 Researcher for MasterPV Project (NºRef.31/2020)
R1 Researcher for Sensate Project (NºRef.32/2020)
R1 Researcher / Project Engineer CUSTOM Project (NºRef.33/2019)
R2 Consolidated Position (Nº Ref.34/2020)
R1 Firts Stage Research Position Carboformic Project (NºRef 35/2020)
R1 First Stage Research Position Uncorrelated Project (Nº36/2020)
R1 First Stage Research Position Uncorrelated Project (Nº37/2020)
R1 Project Engineer - Researcher in the field of Power Electronics (NºRef. 38/2020)

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Campus Energia

27 June 2019

IREC, in collaboration with Innoenergy and ICAEN, publishes the study "Smart Energy Communities"

IREC and Innoenergy have collaborated to elaborate the study "Smart Energy Communities", recently published by ICAEN. IREC has contributed in providing its vision on Smart Energy Communities, as well as solutions for the improvement and the optimisation of the energy resources.

The study analyses the key concepts of the energy transition and it shows its relationship with distributed renewable energies, the digitalisation, the aggregation and the demand management, among others. Also, the publication analyses the characteristics of the smart energy communities, and its interest to make the energy transition come true, as well as the new business models that will arise from it.

Please follow the link to download the study.

21 June 2019

IREC at the EUSEW Policy Conference

IREC coordinated an event at the EU Sustainable Energy Week Policy Conference in Brussels titled “The Road to a 100% Green and Fully Electric Transport System”. The event gave an expert insight on current trends and policy recommendations on the future of electric transport and the need to move to a zero emissions model. The experts participating showed the latest developments in research and technology on the field, including stories from leading smart charging and vehicle to grid (V2G) pilot projects.

The EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) is the biggest event dedicated to renewables and efficient energy use in Europe. The 14th edition of EUSEW has took place from 17th to 21st June 2019, with the Policy Conference running from Tuesday 18th to Thursday 20th June in Brussels. Electromobility and renewable Energy were recognised as priorities for the future in Europe.

The session was coordinated by IREC - Institut de Recerca en Energia de Catalunya , with the support from European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources, AVERE and Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona (AMB).

05 June 2019

Kick-off meeting of SDN-microSENSE project

The SDN – microsense (microgrid reSilient Electrical eNergy SystEm) project is led by AYESA along with other 30 partners from all over Europe, including the group of Power Systems at IREC. The kick-off meeting of a this new H2020 European project was held yesterday in Sevilla.

The SDN-microSENSE project intends to provide a set of secure, privacy-enabled and resilient to cyberattacks tools, thus ensuring the normal operation of EPES as well as the integrity and the confidentiality of communications. In particular, adopting an SDN-based technology, SDN-microSENSE will develop a three-layer security architecture, by deploying and implementing risk assessment processes, self-healing capabilities, large-scale distributed detection and prevention mechanisms, as well as an overlay privacy protection framework.

Find more information at:

This project has received funding from the EU’s H2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 833955.

23 May 2019

IREC estimates 560 millions of Euros of potential savings in the healthcare system due to the energy retrofitting of buildings

The recent publication of IREC’s researchers of Thermal Energy and Building in the journal “Energy Policy” titled “Health and related economic effects of residential energy retrofitting in Spain” estimates the potential economic savings in the healthcare system thanks to the energy efficiency improvements made to vulnerable dwellings which positively affect occupant health.

These savings will drop down the costs of health care, medicines and costs derived from sick leave (labour costs) thanks to the positive impact of reducing to 15% the number of homes with at least one sick person.

The co-benefits in terms of health imply an added value for the occupants and the health system, and at the same time they are positive arguments to promote energy rehabilitation.

Access to the full paper is available before June 18, 2019 at:

The research has been promoted and funded by la “Fundación la Casa que Ahorra"