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24 September 2010

First Meeting of IREC's Scientific Advisory Board

Consell Cientific IRECOn 20th and 21st September, the first meeting of IREC's Scientific Advisory Board took place The Scientific Advisory Board, appointed by the Board of Trustees, serves as an advisory body insofar as the Foundation’s scientific strategy and to evaluate their activities and members.

The Scientific Advisory Board is composed by:
- Prof. Dr. Esteban Chornet. Chairman of the Board. Emeritus Professor of the Sherbrooke University, Québec, Canada
- Prof. Dr. John A. Kilner. Imperial College London, Faculty of Engineering, Dept. of Materials. UK.
- Prof. Dr. Johan Driesen. Associate Professor K.U: Leuven. BE.
- Dr. Jürgen Kröning Managing Director of DEWI-OCC at Cuxhaven. Onshore and Offshore wind business. NE.
- Prof. Dr. Konstantinos Papamichael Co-Director. California Lighting Technology Center, University of California, Davis, CA. USA.
- Prof. Dr. Mattias M. Schuler Adjunct Professor of Environmental Technologies, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University, MA, USA.

23 September 2010

IREC Managing Director Antoni Martínez to Join Advisory Board of EcoEmprenedorXXI Programme.

The EcoEmprenedorXXI programme is a pioneering initiative to promote the creation of new innovative businesses in the field of clean energies in the broadest sense: renewable energies, energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, waste assessment and wastewater treatment.
The initiative is promoted by various agents with a vital role in the sector, including , La Caixa, the Ministry of Economy and Finances with the Government of Catalonia, Gamesa, the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and “Barcelona Activa”, and is a know-how-driven local programme that addresses the principal scientific and technological breakthroughs in the field, business concerns and market requirements. The shared action by public and private institutions is a guarantee of success for companies established in the programme framework.

22 September 2010

Holding of the General Assembly of the Catalonia Energy Efficiency Cluster

On 21st September the general assembly of the Catalonia Energy Efficiency Cluster was held. The meeting was attended by the Minister for Economy and Finance, Antoni Castells.
The Catalonia Energy Efficiency Cluster (CEEC) is an organisation that, through cooperation with the associated companies and organisations that work in the technology, research, institutional, regulatory, industrial, IT and business sectors; aims to achieve the common objective of increasing energy efficiency.

27 August 2010

Scientists from the Nanoionics Group at IREC report on new advances in layered cathodes for Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Journal of Materials ChemistryAlbert Tarancón from the Nanoionics Group at IREC and colleagues from CIN2-CSIC and Imperial College London have reported on recent advances on layered oxide cathodes for Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (IT-SOFCs). The paper has been highlighted as “Feature Article” on the cover page of the “Journal of Materials Chemistry”.