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16 January 2018

L'IREC participarà en la segona edició d' Entrepreneurship and energy to innovations

IREC will participate in the second edition of the Entrepreneurship and energy to innovations talks (E2I Talks) organized by InnoEnergy in Barcelona. The E2I Talks is a high quality event consisting on three talks from different areas of business –academia and public- and a networking session. This edition will focus on the Challenge of Energy Storage. The speakers share their experience, insight and knowledge about the challenge of energy storage with a community in the sustainable energy field composed of students, entrepreneurs and other professionals fostering collaboration, inspiration, professional opportunities and solving challenges to achieve a sustainable energy future. In particular, IREC, represented by Prof. Dr. Juan Ramon Morante y Dr. Félix Urbain, will talk about their research areas and recent advances in the field of Energy Storage Technologies.

The event will take place at CCCB – Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona on Friday the 2nd of February at 19.00.

For more information please follow this link and pres release.

30 November 2017

IREC coordinates the H2020 "INFINITE-CELL" project to develop of tandem solar cells with kesterites and silicon

INFINITE-CELL aims to stablish and consolidate an International and Intersectoral Cooperation Project between 6 Academic European and Associated Countries Institutions, 2 European Companies, and 4 Third Country Academic Institutions, for the sustainable development of cost-efficient advanced photovoltaic tandem devices, based on the combination of wide band-gap kesterite (Cu2Zn(Si,Ge,Sn)(S,Se)4) technologies as top cell, and low cost c-Si thin film ones as bottom cell, thanks to the collaborative combination of the know-how and partnership generated in two previous and successful FP7 projects: PVICOKEST (269167) and EUROSUNMED (608593)

INFINITE-CELL (H2020-MSCA-RISE-2017-777968) started last November 2017 and will end in October 2021. The project link, for the first time, an international and intersectorial network, led by European institutions in the field from the development of kesterites technologies (IREC, HZB, UAM, IAP-ASM) and experts in low cost CFS based on recycled silicon (SINTEF, CNRS - ICUBE, IPCMS and CEMTHI labs-, IAP-ASM). Also, two European companies have participated in PV (SUNGA, MET) and non-European institutions, with outstanding activities in kesterites (BSUIR, UM5), and centers (MASCIR, UM5, UWC) specialized in TCO and characterization for development of the tandem solar cell c-Si TF / low cost kesterite.

More information visit INFINITE-CELL Project website

14 November 2017

1st Technical meeting of heat-to-fuel project

Next 20-21 November, the group of Energy Storage of IREC will host the first technical meeting of the "Heat-to-fuel" project. HtF is a Horizon 2020 EU-funded project carried out by 14 partners from across Europe that aims to deliver the next generation of biofuel production technologies supporting the de-carbonisation of the transportation sector, aiming at to deliver cost-competitive technologies achieving biofuel prices below €1 per litre. Heat-to-fuel will upgrade alternative, residual biomass feedstocks and conversion of excess heat to liquid fuels in a combined Gasification, Fischer Tropsch and Aqueous Phase Reforming plant. At the end of the project, the know-how acquired will allow scalability at a demonstration level before commercialization, representative of the next generations of sustainable biofuel technologies. The project started on September 2017 and will last four years. Besides IREC, Güssing Energy Technologies (project coordinator), TU Wien (Austria), Beta Renewables (Italy), IREC (Spain), IChPW (Poland), RECORD (Italy), POLITO (Italy), Bioenergy2020+ (Austria), CRF (Italy), CEA (France), Johnson Matthey (UK), Atmostat (France), R2M (Spain) and Skupina Fabrika (Slovenia) are involved in the project.

Please, read the press release for more information.

10 November 2017

22a Setmana de la Ciència

Per celebrar la 22a edició de la Setmana de la Ciència, els dies 14, 15 i 17 de novembre de 2017, l'IREC oferirà diferents tallers amb activitats variades:

Les energies renovables son indispensables per minimitzar el canvi climàtic que ja està succeint. El problema d'aquestes fonts d'energia és la seva intermitència en la producció. Els investigadors de l'IREC treballen per desenvolupar un sistema que permet emmagatzemar aquesta electricitat que ve de les fonts renovables en forma de gas, que es podrà utilitzar en el moment que la demanda energètica ho necessiti. Així s'aconsegueix una font d'energia més flexible i neta.

En aquest taller els investigadors explicaran el funcionament del sistema power to gas. Posteriorment es farà una visita als laboratoris de l’IREC.