31 March 2016

Round table with PhD students of the IREC in the Festival of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology “10alamenos9”

PhD students from IREC, will participate in the Festival of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology "10alamenos9" next Tuesday, April 5th from 16:30 p.m. in the round table "Ask a nanotechnologist," where doctoral students in nanoscience and nanotechnology will answer some questions about their itineraries, motivations and future, in the framework of the conference to be held during the week in Barcelona as well as San Sebastian and Zaragoza, with exhibition of scientific images, paintings and illustrations based on the nano world, workshops demonstration of nano products, conferences, interviews .....

For more information about the program and registration (some activities have limited places), is available on the website: www.10alamenos9.es

30 March 2016

IREC will participate at the Construction Convention "CONTART 2016"

L'IREC participarà, el proper dimecres 20 d’abril, en les sessions científiques dins de la convenció de l'edificació "CONTART 2016", presentant: “Rehabilitació energètica d’edificis públics en base a nivells cost-òptims i criteris nZEB”. El grup d’Energia Tèrmica i Edificació presentarà els resultats preliminars obtinguts al projecte Republic_ZEB (www.republiczeb.org). El projecte Republic_ZEB té com objectiu promoure la rehabilitació energètica dels edificis públics cap a criteris nZEB, definint “paquets de mesures" cost-efectius basat amb tecnologies eficients i de qualitat garantida.

El programa de la jornada está disponible al següent enllaç.

Per mes informació: www.contart2016.com

23 March 2016

IREC has collaborated with the Grupo Interplataformas de Almacenamiento

IREC has collaborated with the Grupo Interplataformas de Almacenamiento (GIA) of energy linked to the Plataforma Española de Redes Eléctricas FUTURED, which has published a study about the status of storage technologies.

For more information, please visit the following link

22 March 2016

“High-performance thermoelectric nanocomposites from nanocrystal building blocks” published in Nature Communications by the Nanomaterials Group of IREC, led by ICREA Professor Andreu Cabot.

The article shows the advances in the field of engineering of nanostructured materials obtained from the organization on a macroscopic scale of colloidal nanoparticles. These advances  corresponds to a 30% increase over the highest figure of merit obtained for PbS to date and is comparable to the highest thermoelectric figures of merit reported for other lead chalcogenide materials.

For more information link to the paper