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Experienced Researcher in LCA and LCC for energy technologies

Resolution date April 24th 2019

Proposal for the assignement of Experienced Researcher in LCA and LCC for energy technologies (N.Ref 5/2019)

Publish date February 19th 2019
NºRef. 5/2019

TITLE: Experienced Researcher in LCA and LCC for energy technologies


The Energy Systems Analytics Research Group is seeking for an Experienced Researcher to work on different European research project in the field of Life Cycle Assessment and economic assessment for energy technologies.

This candidate must have high education qualifications and proved experience in life cycle assessment (LCA), economic assessment (LCC), advanced and proven knowledge in LCA software (GaBi and Ecoinvent database), applied to the energy sector, energy storage systems for electric vehicles, renewable energies and advanced materials for energy. This professional must be highly skilled in leading competitive and industrial research projects and activities. Capability to work in a team, flexible, innovative, with initiative and problem solving skills. High level of analytical and synthesis skills.

Qualifications and experience required:

The call is open to professionals from any nationalities that fulfil the following eligibility criteria:

 Hold a Master Degree in the areas of Industrial Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Energy Engineering, Chemistry Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Physics, Materials Engineering, or an equivalent degree.
 LCA and LCC experience in the field of energy technologies.
 Knowledge in LCA software (GaBi) and databases.
 Experience in research industrial and competitive projects.
 Relevant publications in the field of environmental impact of energy technologies.

 PhD in related areas.
 Experience in competitive project proposal preparation.
 Experience in industrial and competitive projects leadership. Specifically, experience in European collaborative projects
 Experience in a research institute.
 Knowledge and experience in projects in the energy sector, especially in renewable energies, advance materials for energy, energy storage systems.
 Knowledge of financial aspects related to energy projects.
 Good communication skills; ability to communicate complex scientific information to individuals from other disciplines.

Language required:
Fluent in Spanish and English.

Personal Skills:
- Team Worker
- Initiative in Research and Innovation
- Flexibility
- Results-oriented
- Analytical and synthesis capabilities

Technical knowledge:
- Experience in LCA and LCA software and database (GaBi, Ecoinvent, …)

What we offer:
Salaries will be paid in accordance with the IREC’s salary policy, depending on the candidate’s qualification and professional experience.

How to apply:
Send applications by email directly to HR office ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) including CV, academic and professional records, reference letters (or contact information of the, at least 2) and motivation letter.