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Employment Bureau

The creation of a research center for the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research (Institut de Recerca en Energia de Catalunya, IREC) is a challenge that requires a team of professionals, scientists and technicians, all dedicated to the objectives necessary to achieve excellence in energy research.
The IREC needs a group of people who must give the necessary initial push to define the strategies that will be followed in the creation of the center.  Additionally, there must be researchers who, further down the road, will head up the consolidation of the Institute.

At the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research we are working for a more sustainable future for energy.

We are aware that we are not alone in trying to accomplish this objective.  Within the business, institutional and university contexts there are many people making an effort to make this challenge a reality, a reality that involves many participants from our society, and their necessary participation.  

The IREC is making it possible to carry out an excellent international project that seeks scientific results that use technology that can be applied to business criteria.  Those of us that form part of the IREC are convinced of what we are doing, and we know that we form part of a project for the future, full of opportunities to generate scientific knowledge and to participate in the technological development of the energy sector in an excellent environment.  

We are making the IREC a research center of high repute.  Send us your curriculum, as your candidature is important.