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Mission, Vision and Goals


Contribute to the sustainable development of society and increase corporate competitiveness via:

  • Innovation and development of new technological products;
  • Medium and long-term research; and
  • Development of scientific and technological knowledge in the field of energy.

Become a center of excellence and an international benchmark organization in the established technological fields of action through research, technology development and innovation, working in coordination with the Administration, corporations and universities.

  • Foster and carry out energy research to obtain results of high scientific and technological value on the medium and long terms.
  • Lead the development of the energy technology research lines approved by the Institute, orienting them to the industry’s demands.
  • Offer engineering services with high added value to the companies in the energy sector.
  • Become a strategic consultant for the Administration on energy issues.
  • Build a collaboration network with the major national and international energy technology and research centers.
  • Offer companies and entrepreneurs the technological innovations resulting from the Institute’s research.
  • Contribute to specialized training of students at Catalan universities.
  • Make the Institute’s laboratories and other facilities available to university departments.