Presentation of IREC

The Catalonia Institute for Energy Research was created to contribute to the objective of creating a more sustainable future for energy usage and consumption, keeping in mind the economic competitivity and providing society with the maximum level of energy security.

This contribution will be done through scientific and technological development. The research requires a long-term vision which allows the identification of future challenges in energy. The Institute also works with practical research which allows businesses to implement innovative solutions immediately.

The project is framed in the Catalan, Spanish and global economic systems, and for that reason the institutional and business patrons have singularly and significantly joined forces for one common objective: the creation of value by means of scientific knowledge and technological development in the energy sector, a sector with global consequences with brings the IREC to an international arena, and becoming a point of reference in several of these areas.

The IREC is a project in which there are people participating who know that through the Institute they can contribute to a more sustainable future of energy production and consumption, in an environment of excellence.

As is already well known, it is necessary to find the equilibrium between sustainable energy development, economic competitivity and safe and secure energy supply. Each country and each situation requires a different point of equilibrium, but there are common objectives: reduce carbon emissions below 500 ppm before the year 2050.

In any case, the Institute was born within the framework of energy policies and technological research in Catalonia, Spain and the European Union, which design their strategies for a long term basis.

The IREC must help to develop and put into action the new opportunities of the energy sector, while still engaging the present and future social reality.