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14 November 2017

1st Technical meeting of heat-to-fuel project

Next 20-21 November, the group of Energy Storage of IREC will host the first technical meeting of the "Heat-to-fuel" project. HtF is a Horizon 2020 EU-funded project carried out by 14 partners from across Europe that aims to deliver the next generation of biofuel production technologies supporting the de-carbonisation of the transportation sector, aiming at to deliver cost-competitive technologies achieving biofuel prices below €1 per litre. Heat-to-fuel will upgrade alternative, residual biomass feedstocks and conversion of excess heat to liquid fuels in a combined Gasification, Fischer Tropsch and Aqueous Phase Reforming plant. At the end of the project, the know-how acquired will allow scalability at a demonstration level before commercialization, representative of the next generations of sustainable biofuel technologies. The project started on September 2017 and will last four years. Besides IREC, Güssing Energy Technologies (project coordinator), TU Wien (Austria), Beta Renewables (Italy), IREC (Spain), IChPW (Poland), RECORD (Italy), POLITO (Italy), Bioenergy2020+ (Austria), CRF (Italy), CEA (France), Johnson Matthey (UK), Atmostat (France), R2M (Spain) and Skupina Fabrika (Slovenia) are involved in the project.

Please, read the press release for more information.