05 June 2009

Antoni Martínez awarded the annual distinction given by the Spanish Wind Energy Association

The award will be presented on June 8 during an industry dinner in the framework of the Wind Convention 09 in Madrid, where the Eolo Prizes for Journalism and Photography will also be awarded.

The Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE) has awarded this annual distinction to the current director general of the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research (IREC), Antoni Martínez.  The award recognizes organizations’ or individuals’ professional careers and commitments to wind power.  This year the Association is recognizing Antoni Martínez’s “important work in the implantation of wind power in Spain, first as a pioneer in technological development and subsequently as the leader of one of the most dynamic companies in the industry.”  Antoni Martínez was a member of the team that worked for the implementation of the first wind generator in the country in Ventalló (Girona, Spain) in 1984. In 2008, this same distinction was awarded to the Institute for the Diversification and Saving of Energy (IDAE). 
The AEE began its activities in 2003 with the objective of creating a framework of long-term compensation stability and administrative transparency, as well as becoming a forum for the coordination of the development and management of infrastructures.  In addition to this fundamental work representing the wind energy industry among different administrations and entities, the activities of the Association are centered on the work performed by work groups, which take on practically every area that affects wind power.