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Full Stack Developer (R2) NºRef.58/2019
R1 PhD BMS development for EV (NºRef. 33/2019)
R2 Pre-Consolidated in the field of Energy Analytics (NºRef.36/2019)
Research / Project Engineer - Building Performance (NºRef. 41/2019)
Engineer Project / Researcher – WEDISTRICT (NºRef. 42/2019)
Postdoctoral Researcher on cathode composites for advanced Li-ion batteries (NºRef.43/2019)
R1 First Stage Researcher / Project Engineer - IN4CIS Project (NºRef.45/2019)
R1 Project Engineer for Energy Systems Analytics (NºRef.49/2019)
R1 Project Engineer for Fusion Energy and Particle Accelerators technologies (NºRef.50/2019)
R2 Pre-consolidated for LCA and LCC (NºRef.51/2019)
R1 Researcher / Project Engineer (NºRef.55/2019)
Convocatòria per la Cobertura Definitiva de 3 places de Professionals
Energy Management Systems Engineer NºRef 56/2019
Data scientist R1 NºRef.57/2019
R2 Preconssolidated Position - MastePV Project (NºRef.1/2020)
R1 First Stage Researcher / Project Engineer (NºRef.2/2020)
R1 First Stage Researcher / Project Engineer - MasterPV Project (NºRef.3/2020)
R2 Pre-consolidated Position - Duracis Project (NºRef.4/2020)
Research support technician (NºRef.5/2020)
R1 Project Engineer for Power Systems (NºRef.6/2020)
R1 Project Engineer for Nanoionics and Fuel Cells (NºRef. 7/2020)
R2 Pre-Consolidated Position - Thermal Group (Nº Ref.8/2020)
R1 Project engineer for LCA and LCC (NºRef. 9/2020)
Researcher in the field of Power Electronics (NºRef.10/2020)
R1 First Stage Researcher / Project Engineer - Energy Systems (NºRef. 11/2020)
R1 First Stage Researcher / Project Engineer - Models (NºRef. 12/2020)
R1 First Stage Researcher / Project Engineer - Positive Energy Districts (NºRef. 13/2020)
R2 Project Engineer - Plataforma DSO Project (NºRef.14/2020)
R1 Project Engineer - Researcher in the field of Communications and Cybersecurity of Smart Grids (NºRef. 15/2020)
R1 Project Engineer for Energy Systems Analytics (NºRef.16/2020)
R2 Researcher Postion - Energy Systems Analytics(NºRef.17/2020)

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03 September 2009

The 13th European Power Electronics Conference EPE 2009 Opens Its Doors in Barcelona

The Catalonia Institute for Energy Research will present the Power Electronics Department during the session to take place on September 8th at 5:00 pm

On September 8th, 9th, and 10th, the 13th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications (EPE 2009) will be held at the Palau de Congressos at the Fira de Barcelona.

The Head of IREC’s Power Electronics and Electricity Networks Department, Dr. Antoni Sudrià, is conference co-chairman. IREC is a “Silver Sponsor” and will be represented at stands 7 and 8. The Institute’s Power Electronics and Electricity Networks Department will be presented during the conference (on September 8th at 5:00 pm in room 12). IREC projects engineer and researcher Alba Colet will be in charge of presenting paper 0357 on Electromechanical Modeling and Control of a Micro Wind Generation System for Isolated Low Power DC Micro Grids, on September 9th at 10:20 am.
The conference, which is organized by the EPE Association through CITCEA – UPC, has become the largest of its kind and is an international benchmark for industrial and academic sectors. This is the first year that the conference is to take place in Barcelona, after being held in cities like Brussels, Grenoble, Aachen, Florence, Brighton, Seville, Trondheim, Lausanne, Graz, Toulouse, Dresden and Aalborg.

EPE 2009 will focus on future developments in semiconductors, materials and components, topologies and embedded systems. The Conference will complement the regular program with new or emerging topics of particular interest to the power electronics systems community that may also cut across and beyond disciplines traditionally represented.

The website for the event at contains further information about the program and exhibitors.