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Full Stack Developer (R2) NºRef.58/2019
R1 PhD BMS development for EV (NºRef. 33/2019)
Convocatòria per la Cobertura Definitiva de 3 places de Professionals
Data scientist R1 NºRef.57/2019
R2 Preconssolidated Position - MastePV Project (NºRef.1/2020)
R1 Project engineer for LCA and LCC (NºRef. 9/2020)
R1 First Stage Researcher / Project Engineer - Energy Systems (NºRef. 11/2020)
R1 First Stage Researcher / Project Engineer - Models (NºRef. 12/2020)
R1 Project Engineer - Researcher in the field of Communications and Cybersecurity of Smart Grids (NºRef. 15/2020)
R2 Researcher Postion - Energy Systems Analytics(NºRef.17/2020)
Project Engineer (R1/R2) for Fusion Energy and Particle Accelerators technologies (N.Ref. 18/2020)
Project Manager Planta Piloto (NºRef. 20/2020)
Competitive research projects developer (NºRef. 21/2020)
“Energy for Society” (XRE4S) Manager Assistant (NºRef. 22/2020)
Experienced Researcher in the field of Grid Integration of RES (N.Ref.23/2020)
R2 Preconsolidated Position - MastePV Project (NºRef.24/2020)
Laboratory Technician in Catalysis (NºRef.26/2020)
Call for Expressions of Interest for the submission of MSCA-IF
Recognised / Post-doc Researcher – Energy in Buildings (NºRef.27/2020)
Experienced researcher in Energy Systems Analytics (R3) (NºRef.28/2020)
Post Doc on Energy Systems Integration (R2) NºRef. 29/2020
PostDoc Position in 3D Printed Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (NºRef.30/2020)
R1 Researcher for MasterPV Project (NºRef.31/2020)
R1 Researcher for Sensate Project (NºRef.32/2020)

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Campus Energia

30 March 2011

Prof. Joan Ramón Morante shall take part, as co-Chairman, in the organisation of the “Bilateral Conference on Energy”

IREC XARMAEProf. Joan Ramón Morante, Head of the Advanced Materials for Energy Area at the IREC, shall take part, as co-Chairman, in the organisation of the “Bilateral Conference on Energy” organised jointly by the firms MRS (USA) and E-MRS (Europe).

The conference shall be held in the French city of Nice from 10 to 12 May and is part of the activities scheduled for the EMRS/IUMRS ICAM 2011 Spring Meeting, organized by the renowned European Materials Research Society (EMRS) and the International Union of Materials Research Societies (IUMRS).

Prof. Morante is responsible for organizing the symposium entitled “Nano Energy - Energy Transduction at the Nanoscale for Energy Conversion Devices”, one of the regular symposiums of the E-MRS/IUMRS ICAM 2011 Spring Meeting, which will include speakers of international prominence.

To consult the programme of the symposium: Nano energy - energy transduction at the nanoscale for energy conversion devices” click here

To obtain further information about the Bilateral Energy Conference click here