13 July 2015

IREC Collaborates with the Catalysis and Green Chemistry in the SECAT'15 Congress

IREC and Universitat de Barcelona organize the meeting of the Sociedad Española de Catálisis, in the bianual congress SECAT'15 in Barcelona, July  13th to 15th, represented by Prof. Narcis Homs, as President of the organization committee and group leader of Materials and Catalysis from IREC. Near 250 experts will be meet under the issue “Catalysis, Interdisciplinar meeting: models, catalysts and reactors” that would summarize the catalysis multi scalar process properties from nanoscale to the macroscale applications. It will be held in Catalonia for the first time.

For more information visit the link.

08 July 2015

Seminar: Application of energy efficiency measures in the refurbishment of the residential sector in Catalonia

Next July 14th from 10:00-13:00 h, in the conference hall of the Architects' College of Catalonia, a seminar will take place, where the results of studies related with the energy efficiency measures for the refurbishment of the residential sector in Catalonia will be presented, developed in the frame of the MARIE project (Mediterranean building rethinking for energy efficiency improvement).

15 June 2015

Kick-off meeting of the Research Theme 1 on “Component and System Costs” of the EERA-Wind Energy Subprogram “Economic and social aspects of Wind Integration"

Electrical Engineering Research Area of IREC coordinates the Research Theme 1 on “Component and System Costs” of the sub-programme “Economic and social aspects of Wind Integration“ of EERA Joint programme on Wind Energy (European Energy Research Alliance). One of the first actions for this emerging international working group is to meet and discuss the research activities and next actions related to the economic assessment of Wind Power technology systems. IREC organizes this first kick-off meeting on Tuesday 30th June 2015, from 9.00 to 17.00 at the Auditorium Room

In this meeting international experts on the matter will discuss about the latest research works on the assessment of economic costs related to wind energy and its integration to enhance the social acceptance of this technology from a holistic and sustainable perspective.

12 June 2015

IREC and LIVE Platform collaboration in CHAdeMO newsletter

IREC has collaborated with LIVE Platform in the electric vehicle charging infrastructure development in Barcelona and the Metropolitan Area. IREC studied and defined the optimal location of these charging points within the FastPlan project. Such optimal location is based on installation and maintenance costs and users mobility patterns. The results of this project are now a reality and 17 charging points have been installed in Barcelona as well as other 10 around its Metropolitan Area. The case study of Barcelona serves as an example for other cities around the world and the CHAdeMO association has highlighted this fact in their newsletter. More information here.