29 October 2015

IREC, represented by Dr. Josep Carreras, head of the Lighting Group, member of the Spanish Committee for the International Year of the Light

2015 was declares The International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies (IYL 2015) by the United Nations to raise awareness of how optical technologies promote sustainable development and provide solutions to worldwide challenges in energy, education, agriculture, communications and health. Aiming at showing the society how science and light-based technologies can improve quality life of people.

The Spanish Committee of the International Year of Light is a multidisciplinary team, chaired by Professor María Josefa Yzuel from the UAB, is constituted by Dr. Josep Carreras, head of the Lighting Group of IREC and other members from academic and industrial fields, encampassing areas of knowledge involving light such as Physics, communications and GPS, environment or cultural heritage and art.

18 October 2015

Introductory Course to construct nZEB buildings

IREC, through RePublic_ZEB project, together with the Catalan Energy Institute, Eurecat, CIMNE and Leitat presents an Introductory Course to construct nZEB buildings. Aimed at architects, building and industrial engineers, and all the professionals who are part of the construction sector, the course aims to introduce the basic concepts for constructing a building with nearly zero energy consumption.

The format of the course is structured in a series of five technical sessions, one per week, to be eminently practical presentations which showcase not only theoretical but also practical case studies on successful technologies and promote discussion among attendees. Dr. Jaume Salom and Mrs. Joana Ortiz, both from IREC, will participate as speakers.

Attached there is a pdf with the program of the course , which will begin on October the 29th. Registration is free by filling the registration form and indicating which sessions you are interest to attend. The course is limited to 45 participants and those interested in participating all five days will have priority.

08 October 2015

Publication of the “Guide for national authorities” on district heating and cooling from SmartReFlex project

IREC, together with other 13 organizations from 5 EU countries, attended the meeting of the European project SmartReFlex in Stuttgart, Germany, on 5th-6th October 2015. The aim of SmartReFlex is to implement legislative and organizational solutions to foster the use of a high share of renewable energy in both new and existing district heating and cooling networks, in six European regions. The project, which will end in February 2017, also includes an ambitious program of capacity building activities with special workshops for different stakeholders at regional and national levels. In Catalonia, these workshops were successfully held in April-June 2015.

Moreover, the "Guide for national authorities" on district heating and cooling has been published within the scope of the project and several copies have been printed for its dissemination. This guide contains recommendations for the integration of renewable energies in district heating and cooling as well as examples of success in Denmark. It also includes a summary of the strategies being carried out in the six regions within SmartReflex project.

On the SmartReFlex project's website more information can be found, e.g. several newsletters published during the course of the project which report the developments in each participating region. Please find here the newsletters published.

29 September 2015

Change of Director - Institutional information

We are pleased to announce that on 10th September 2015 the Board meeting of IREC appointed Prof. Dr. Joan Ramon Morante as the new Director of the Institute. He will continue leading the Scientific Direction his research group.

We are most grateful to Mr. Ramon Garriga for his dedication as Director during the selection procedure for a new director of the Institute was in process. We warmly welcome Prof. Dr. Joan Ramon Morante to his new function as director of IREC.