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Campus Energia

Materiales Avanzados para la Energía

Group Leader de Materiales y Catálisis

Prof. Dr. Narcis Homs
Jardins de les Dones de Negre, 1 2ª Pl
Sant Adrià de Besòs 08930
+34 933 562 615
+34 933 563 802


Narcís Homs is full Professor at the Inorganic Chemistry Department of the University of Barcelona, head of the Catalysis Department of the Catalonia Research Institute on Energy (IREC) and board member of the Spanish Catalysis Society. He took his PhD degree in Chemistry in 1984. He developed a two years post-doctoral position in the group of Surface Organometallic Chemistry headed by Prof. J. M. Basset at the Institute de Recherches sur la Catalyse (CNRS) at Villeurbanne (France) (1985-86). Prof. N. Homs was a visiting researcher for one year (1988) in the group of Prof. A. T. Bell at the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of California at Berkeley (US). Since 1992, he has co-directed the Catalytic Materials research group at the Inorganic Chemistry Department of the University of Barcelona, with research activities in the Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Institute of the University of Barcelona and the Catalonia Research Institute on Energy (IREC) of the Catalan Government. He teaches several subjects related with Inorganic and Industrial Chemistry in Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses. His research interest has been focused on the design of catalysts for different processes, mainly related with transformations of organics, CO hydrogenation and CO2 activation and methane valorisation. Currently, his activities are centred on hydrogen generation from biomass-derived alcohols.