IREC’s statement regarding the COVID-19 alarm status

IREC's statement regarding the COVID-19 alarm status
  • Energy and environment

IREC contributes with the proper management of the State of Alarm measurements  (Resolution 463/2020) announced by the Spanish Government to combat the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV2), and will protect the health of his workers and collaborators, as well as, of the users and customers. Therefore, further to the above mentioned Government indications, since March 16th, the IREC members will be given all the recourses and solutions to carry out the activities of the Institute mainly with remote work. IREC will remain closed except at those situations in which the operation and security require direct actions of maintenance.

According at the health and safety rules adopted by IREC to the special circumstances related to the COVID-19 emergency, we will continue to work on projects, as regularly and efficiently as possible, in coordination with the project managers, the principal investigator and with the research groups leaders.

A permanent communication channel will be maintained with the IREC Community (employees, researchers, suppliers, collaborators…) by several channels as: e-mail, conference calls or video conference through different tools such as Microsoft Teams or Skype, to carry out all the meetings and communications that will necessary.