More than 7000 people have participated in the “Gara initiative” to learn about the energy transition

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  • Energy storage
  • Smart energy management

IREC concludes with great success the project “Gara and the energy that surrounds us“, an exhibition project for innovative scientific dissemination on energy transition that has been set in different municipalities of the Catalan geography.

“Gara and the energy that surrounds us” is a scientific dissemination project, financed with the collaboration of the Fundación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología (FECYT) -Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación, aimed at the non-specialized public, targeting to improve the scientific-technical education of society on a current and worrying topic:  the energy and the transition towards a more sustainable model for our planet.

The exhibition is divided into four activity zones, through a unique display, in which the journey of energy is explained to learn about important concepts, such as energy sources, sustainability and energy efficiency.

With this initiative, IREC brings together its different areas of expertise showing the research that is being carried out in the search for energy solutions, covering from materials development to energy management. The research is related to the challenges of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): (SDG 7: Affordable and clean energy, SDG 11: Sustainable cities and communities, SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production, SDG 13: Climate action). “Gara and the energy that surrounds us” has proposed experiences through interactive and gamification modules. It also opens a dialogue with citizens to improve social education in science and energy, increase scientific knowledge and bring scientific research on energy closer to them.

Thanks to the itineracy, the exhibition project “Gara and the energy that surrounds us” has stayed at the Casal Pere Quart in Sabadell, at the Can Baratau library in Tiana (Barcelona), at the Centre Cívic Joan Oliver Pere Quart in Barcelona , at the Centre Cultural La Violeta in Barcelona, ​​at the Centre d’Iniciatives Empresarials de Concactiva in Montblanc (Tarragona) and at the Espai Jove “La Pólvora” in Moià. In addition to the exhibition itself, activities, talks and educational workshops have been carried out at different events such as the European Researchers’ Night at CosmoCaixa, the Energy Week in Girona, the Science Week in Barcelona, the Saló de l’Ensenyament, the 10alamenos9 festival, the Nanoscience Vermouth and workshops for school children in rural educational centers such as in Escola Martí Pou (Espluga de Francolí) or in the public school of l’Estany. During all this itinerancy, more than 7,600 people have participated in the project in person. The initiative had the support of the Fundació Catalana per a la Recerca i la Innovació (FCRi) i l’Associació de Micropobles de Catalunya.

This project has obtained a new round of financing with the proposal “Gara and the energy that surrounds us 3.0“, which aims to continue the good feedback of the interactive exhibition “Gara and the energy that surrounds us” by introducing improvements and complements both through content of interest and innovative formats that will allow multiplying the impact and reach. The proposal evolves as an educational project aimed mainly at young people in secondary education, and aims to broaden its audience with specific adaptations for primary education.

You can find the related press release in Catalan (CAT) and Spanish (ES) languages:

“Gara y la energía que nos rodea” es un proyecto de divulgación científica financiado con la colaboración de la Fundación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología (FECYT) -Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación.