PRIMA (acronym of its Catalan form “PlatafoRma d’Integració d’energies renovables i emMAgatzematge”) is a newly created platform for the integration of renewable energies and storage. PRIMA is a project aligned with the new models of the energy transition focused on the integration of renewable energies in buildings and energy networks, intelligent energy management and integration of energy storage systems and electric mobility. PRIMA supports the market implementation of IREC’s cutting-edge research on these technologies and will test and validate them in real environments. The platform will have a dual orientation, with applied research and technological development, as well as innovation and a clear market orientation. PRIMA will foster new industries by closing the gap between scientific research and its commercial exploitation.

PRIMA will provide cutting-edge facilities that help researchers, students and industry work together to build enterprises that create products, spinouts, start-ups and social enterprises. PRIMA aims to be a hub for academics, industry, technology transfer and business development professionals to connect, creating links with allied programmes in energy, materials and network development. PRIMA’s unique and growing network of leading universities and companies – from international corporations to innovative SMEs – will work together to scale-up technologies, develop supply chains and identify routes to market.

PRIMA is operated by IREC, envisaged as the reference infrastructure in the integration of renewables and energy storage, a generator of wealth and knowledge and an accelerator of economic recovery after COVID-19. In addition, the project responds to a national need to be able to meet the strategic objectives set by public institutions in the field of energy.

PRIMA receives financial support from the Generalitat de Catalunya through the Institut Català d’Energia (ICAEN)