Group Leader of Thermal Energy and Building Performance

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Dr. Jaume Salom is the group leader of the Thermal Energy and Building Performance Group. Dr. Salom has a relevant experience leading and participating in international and national research projects, also with the industry, in the field of energy efficiency in buildings and data centres, energy systems integration, simulation of energy systems and the concept of Net Zero Energy Buildings (NZEBs), including more than 60 research documents and edition of several books and reports. He participates in international networks as the IEA EBC Annex 67 “Energy flexible Buildings”. Now and before joining IREC, as founder in AIGUASOL, Dr. Salom actively promoted the use, development and improvement of energy simulation tools like TRNSYS. His research interests in recent years have been centred on the impact and benefits of the energy refurbishment of the building stock. Through this work, he aims to expand the Net Zero Energy Building concept to districts and cities, including interaction with electrical and thermal energy infrastructures and management of energy flexibility in buildings to contribute to the energy transition.