A mobile App will empower people to easily manage and optimize home energy consumptions

  • Smart energy management

There is the need to generate a cultural flip that turns citizens into energy agents of change. The main objective of UpEnergy is to develop a mobile application for improving energy awareness at home, with the appropriate functionalities to empower people and communities in the energy vector and, consequently, towards the ecological transition.

UpEnergy will promote the use of information technology and gamification as an effective strategy to promote training, empowerment, and the generation of bonds within communities, overcoming the traditional barriers that limit the relationship with energy.

UpEnergy is a singular project that stands for “Mobile application to improve energy practices at home“. The project has a total budget of ~200 k€, started in December 2022, and will extend until the end of 2023.  

The consortium is formed by 7 partners including Cíclica (leader), IREC, Consorci Vall del Ges, Orís i Bisaura, Consell Comarcal d’Osona, Cospes, Estabanell Impulsa and Dies d’agost. The nature and origin of these entities are diverse, showing the transversality of the project: 3 cooperatives, 1 public research center, 2 public administrations and 1 company (beneficiaries). In addition, 3 cooperatives are involved as support entities.

Jordi Pascual, Joaquim Romaní and Camille Burke, from the Thermal Energy and Building Performance group at IREC, are the team in charge of the background development of the application.

Acknowledgements (in Catalan):

Promou i finança: la Generalitat de Catalunya – Departament d’Empresa i Treball.