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We provide information to the media on important research news, technological developments and announcements of major projects. The press office – corporate communication ( – Elisabeth Chulilla) also coordinates journalist and media visits to the institute to conduct interviews with scientists or film in the Labs.

Find an expert

This directory provides news media with contact information for IREC experts willing to speak with reporters regarding matters relating to their area of expertise. Please look for a keyword on the topic you are looking for, and if there is no one listed, please contact us in the Corporate Communication office.

Energy conversión, CO2 capture and uses
Prof. Dr. Joan Ramon Morante
Energy conversión, hydrogen economy, fuel cells, Internet of Things (IoT)ICREA Prof. Albert Tarancón
Energy conversión, hydrogen economy, fuel cells, Internet of Things (IoT)Dr. Marc Torrell
Thermoelectricity, nanotechnology for energy, energy harvesting, piezoelectric, printed devicesICREA Prof. Andreu Cabot
Solar photovoltaic: thin film technologies for advanced PV integratorProf. Dr. Alejandro Pérez-Rodríguez
Environmental impact, electric vehiclesDr. Cristina Corchero
Floating and offshore, microgrids, energy resilienceDr. José Luis Domínguez
Nuclear fusionOriol Nomen

Harvesting and energy storage for fully autonomous systems, new batteriesProf. Dr. Joan Ramon Morante
Hydrogen, electrolysis, all sòlid State batteries ICREA Prof. Albert Tarancón
BMS, sistemes hibrids, convertidorsDr. Lluis Trilla
Fuel cells, bateries, nanotechnologyDr. Andreu Cabot

Smart grids, energy aggregators and communities, Energy Consumption OptimizationDr. Cristina Corchero
Smart buildings and cities, Zero energy and flexible energy buildings and communities, Green ITDr. Jaume Salom
Smart grids, integration of renewablesDr. José Luis Domínguez
Communications and CybersecurityAlba Colet
Energy transition, renewable gas, solar, autonomous systems, harvesting, batteriesProf. Dr. Joan Ramon Morante
Energy transition, smart cities, fusion and technology transferManel Sanmartí

Visiting IREC

If you’re a journalist or TV crew and you want to visit IREC’s labs or interview any of our researchers on site, please contact: Corporate Communications Manager –  Coordinator of Media Relations, Elisabeth Chulilla, T. +34 /