A reversible electrolyser to generate and use hydrogen in Barcelona is here

  • Energy storage

A consortium integrated by IREC, UPC and the energy engineering company AESA, has developed a reversible electrolyser to implement hydrogen technologies in the city of Barcelona. The electrolysis system has been completed in the framework of the HyBCN project, financed by the Barcelona City Council in the framework of Pla Barcelona Ciència 2020-2023.

The project, which is led by Marc Torrell at IREC and began in the year 2020, has consisted in the creation of a 1kW reversible electrolysis system, based on solid oxide cells, which allows the conversion of water into green hydrogen, store it and produce renewable energy on demand in the city of Barcelona.

According to the researchers in the project, the implementation of efficient energy storage systems will be key to ensuring a penetration of renewable energy of more than 40%.

Today, an institutional event awards grants to research projects to face new urban challenges (link), jointly awarded by Barcelona City Council and the “la Caixa” Foundation within the framework of Pla Barcelona Ciència 2020-2023 was held today at Saló de Cent of Barcelona City Council. HyBCN is one of the outstanding projects of the first edition of the grants awarded in 2019, and has been presented as a success story.

Today, we launch a press release related to the prototype: