AMB and IREC sign a collaboration agreement to promote hydrogen technologies

  • Energy storage

Within the framework of the Pla Clima i Energia 2030, the AMB has promoted, together with other socio-economic and institutional actors in the territory, the Metropolitan Agreement for the development of renewable hydrogen technologies and for participation in projects for decarbonising Catalonia with the aim of collaborating in the promotion and execution of renewable hydrogen projects (green hydrogen), both for industrial and mobility uses, development programs, innovation, experimentation and implementation of hydrogen-related technologies.

In this context, AMB has signed a collaboration agreement with IREC to develop, during 2022, its objectives for research and promotion actions related to sustainable mobility and the deployment of hydrogen technologies, especially regarding renewable (green) hydrogen. This action will be open and inclusive, given the impact of these activities in the promotion of economic competitiveness, social cohesion, sustainability and the fight against climate change in the metropolitan area. This is fully aligned with the objectives set out in the Metropolitan Action Plan 2019-2023.

These promotion actions have the final aim to develop projects that enhance the implementation of a transition from the current energy model to a new, more efficient and sustainable energy model, both for the industrial sector in particular and for society as a whole.