An IREC researcher gets the Avelino Corma National Award for his MSc thesis

  • Energy storage

On March the 2nd, 2024, Amine Lwazzani collected the Avelino Corma National Award for the best Master Thesis in Chemical Engineering, within the category “Catalysis and Optimization of Industrial Processes“. The award was presented at La Marina de Valencia by Mr. Eloy Pareja from Repsol, to give visibility to the future promises of chemical engineering. In its first edition, the Avelino Corma Awards have been a success of participation, with 57 recent graduates from a total of 19 Spanish universities.

This award recognizes the academic excellence and degree of innovation of the work “Optimization of supported cobalt catalysts for the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis”, carried out by Amine at IREC.

Winners of the National Prizes for Final Master’s Thesis in Chemical Engineering

In the award-winning work, an advanced catalyst has been developed, which significantly improves the productivity of sustainable aviation fuels. The novelty lies in the formulation and manufacturing process of the catalyst, which can operate with high amounts of CO2 and does not require prior conditioning of the synthesis gas.

Currently, Amine is a pre-doctoral researcher at IREC and works on the development of advanced catalysts for the synthesis of sustainable aviation fuels, under the supervision of Dr. Andrés García Blanco and Dr. Jordi Guilera.