An IREC researcher granted with Juan de la Cierva postdoctoral fellowship

  • Smart energy management

Dr. Antonio Pepiciello, from the Power Systems group at IREC, has been granted with a Juan de la Cierva fellowship to continue his postdoctoral research under the supervision of Dr. José Luis Domínguez. The fellowship has a duration of 2 years, starting in January 2024.

Antonio was a visiting student in the Power Systems group at IREC in 2021 and is working with us since June 2022 on topics related to the power grid integration of renewable energy sources.

The Juan de la Cierva grants aim to promote the incorporation of young researchers holding a doctoral degree, so they can complete their postdoctoral research training in Spanish R&D centers. The selection is based on a competitive process according to the curriculum merits of the candidate and the scientific-technical track record of the research team they intend to join, with particular emphasis on the merits related to the mentor researcher.

Power Systems group

The Power Systems group, led by Dr. Jose Luis Domínguez-García, focuses on activities covering a wide range of topics within the whole power flow and value chain (from generation to consumption) including grid integration analysis of renewable energy sources, security and stability issues of both transmission and distribution networks, as well as communication analysis, grid observability and controllability and power electronic design, installation and interaction with the electrical grid. Currently, the group is an independent research group recognized by the Generalitat de Catalunya as “Emergent Research Group” (2021-SGR-01418).

There are 4 strategic research lines within the group, including power converters, communications and security, energy storage and grid & RES. The group consists of a variety of researcher and engineer profiles, fostering maximum synergy and a clear perspective and interest on both short-term and long-term research and development goals.

Acknowledgements of the grant (in Spanish)

La ayuda JDC2022-049607-I está financiada por MCIN/AEI/10.13039/501100011033 y por la Unión Europea “NextGenerationEU”/PRTR.