Battech tests the use of batteries for a new line of construction tools

  • Energy storage

The leading center for R&D in batteries in southern Europe, Battech, has analyzed the reliability and useful lifetime of lithium-ion batteries for RUBI GROUP. The company has developed a new line of work tools for the construction sector, with the aim of gaining their autonomy and safety, in accordance with market trends, which increasingly demands light, fast-charging batteries with lower social economic and environmental impacts.

Battech, promoted by IREC and Eurecat, has established a joint research, development, testing and innovation unit specialized in the field of batteries in order to improve knowledge transfer to the industry in this area, from a perspective focused on the circular economy and the sustainability of the batteries of the future.

In the specific case of RUBI GROUP, a company specialized in the manufacture of tools and materials for construction, Battech evaluates the reliability and behavior of the batteries that will be used in a new device so that they provide the necessary energy to meet the requirements of use of the tool, and with a minimum working life as long as possible.

Today, December the 14th 2021, Battech launches a press release, which can be found here: