BATTECH showcases the latest battery innovations at the Battery Show Europe

BATTECH showcases the latest battery innovations at the Battery Show Europe IREC EURECAT
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In their ongoing mission to contribute to sustainable mobility development, BATTECH, an initiative promoted by IREC and Eurecat, recently exhibited their latest research and innovation activities at the Battery Show Europe. The event, hosted at the Messe Stuttgart in Germany from 23rd to 25th May, is currently Europe’s premier battery fair.

As a prominent Southern Europe R&D hub, BATTECH is involved in the complete R&D lifecycle of battery value chains. This involvement reaches from the development of the materials comprising the cells, the fundamental components of batteries, to their integration into large batteries designed for electric mobility and energy systems. BATTECH also considers the batteries’ potential for a second life and their ultimate recycling. The primary aim of BATTECH’s projects is to enhance energy density, efficiency, durability, safety, and to reduce battery costs, all while maintaining a sustainable and circular economy perspective.

During the Battery Show Europe, BATTECH’s team had the opportunity to exchange ideas and advancements with an international community of battery and electric mobility experts. The stand was visited by more than a hundred individuals interested in BATTECH’s projects and their research, innovation and technology transfer capabilities within this field.

The exhibition also allowed BATTECH to present their most recent advances in the research and development of technologies being implemented across several projects involving IREC and Eurecat. These European flagship projects include COBRA (led by IREC with a budget of 11.8 million euros) and MARBEL (led by Eurecat with a budget of 11.7 million euros), among others.

Carles Rubio, business developer of BATTECH, emphasises that “the project, committed to overcoming the significant challenges of electric energy storage, is dedicating substantial resources and knowledge to research, development, and technology transfer to bolster the industrial ecosystem of batteries”.

Agustí Chico, BATTECH’s technical director, added that “these innovations could drastically change the current dynamics of electric mobility by offering more efficient, durable, safe, and sustainable battery solutions”. BATTECH’s participation in The Battery Show Europe symbolises their commitment to the industry and their determination to continue propelling electric mobility and renewable energy storage towards new frontiers of innovation and sustainability.

“The team is working with advanced technologies for new generations of lithium-ion and sodium batteries, solid state, exploring new materials and improving manufacturing processes to achieve superior performance and a longer life of the batteries, always seeking greater respect for the environment,” explains Jordi Jacas, an Energy Storage, Harvesting and Catalysis IREC researcher at BATTECH.

Powered and established by Eurecat and IREC, BATTECH specialises in research, development, testing, and innovation in the field of batteries. Its aim is to enhance knowledge transfer to the industry in this particular area.

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