Celebrating the World Energy Efficiency Day with hydrogen

  • Energy storage

Today is the World Energy Efficiency Day (5th of March) and hydrogen is becoming an important element to take into account in the decarbonization and energy efficiency of our industry.

Today, we explain that experts from different entities, including IREC, ARIEMA, INMA and PTE-ee, have agreed a Priority Technology Initiative dedicated to hydrogen. Hydrogen can improve both the energy efficiency of the industry and its decarbonisation, thus minimizing CO2 emissions. The document analyzes the starting point and the country’s needs to achieve the climate neutrality objectives set for 2030 and 2050.

Spain is expected to install more than 4 GW of renewable energy for the generation of green hydrogen to decarbonise industry and mobility in 2030.

Marc Torrell, IREC researcher and coordinator of the initiative, tells us that “the effort to synthesize the current state of industrial solutions based on the use of green hydrogen for decarbonization has confirmed the maturity of these technologies, from the production systems to the supply and end-use, as well as the predisposition of the Spanish industrial sector to become involved in this new value chain ”.

You may find a joint press release in Spanish: