CERCA Pioner 2020 awards distinguish two IREC PhD students

  • Energy storage

Dr. Carles Ros Figueras and Dr. Ievgenii Liashenko, researchers from Catalonia Institute for Energy Research, have been awarded by the Pioner 2020 CERCA awards with special mentions, by their doctoral thesis through which they propose to initiate or improve the development of a technology or product that may have an industrial or commercial application.

Scientific research is carried out by researchers in a variety of areas. Those setting out to do a research project usually do so by presenting a doctoral thesis. In these early stages, it is very important that researchers realise the potential value of their results, not only in the scientific arena, but also in terms of their commercial or industrial applications. Therefore, within the framework of Research Centres of Catalonia, the CERCA Institute is introducing the Premis PIONER awards to recognise those researchers who have presented a doctoral thesis with results that are clearly aimed at commercial exploitation.

The awards aim to recognise those researchers working in one of the CERCA centres who, in the period between the publication date of the 2019 call for applications (11 October, 2019) and this year’s call for applications publication date, have presented a doctoral thesis through which they propose to initiate or improve the development of a technology or product that may have an industrial or commercial application or might even make a significant specific contribution to the development of public policy.

This year, the CERCA Institution recognize with special mentions, three additional works, -two of them are researchers from Catalonia Institute for Energy Research- for their interest, application and example of doctoral thesis aimed at the knowledge transfer to the market and the company.

  • Special mention to Dr. Ievgenii Liashenko, researcher in the Funtional Nanomaterials group of IREC, for his thesis “Ultrafast electrohydrodynamic 3D printing with submicrometer resolution” where he develops a new 3D printing technology that allows printing of materials using very thin layers, at high speed and precision, and that allows very complex structures.
  • Special mention to Dr. Carles Ros Figueras, researcher in the Energy Storage, Harvesting and Catalysis group of IREC, for his thesis “Stable and efficient photoelectrodes for solar fuels production” where the technology developed and patented on the protection of high efficiency photovoltaic materials with protective layers, has already allowed stabilities of more than 1000 hours without significant deactivation in cathodic-acidic and anodic-alkaline conditions of water electrolysis by green hydrogen production.
  • Special mention to Dra. Ana Maria Solorzano Soria for her thesis “Fire Detectors Based on Chemical Sensor Arrays and Machine Learning Algorithms: Calibration and Test” , which proposes a new solution for the co-integration of gas sensors and non-optical detectors, along with technologies ‘Machine learning) that allow to improve the security, reduce significantly of costs of production, calibration and training of the skilled personnel, and allow to monitor the broadcasts of gases in offices and companies, and facilitate the decision-making.

Result of the Jury here.

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