CIRCSOLAR will create a tool to maximise the efficiency of PV installations

  • Smart energy management

CIRSOLAR is a R+D project funded by ACCIO (Nuclis climàtics- call 2022) that stands for “Research to maximize efficiency and profitability in photovoltaic installations”. The project started this 2023 and will last for 21 months.

CIRSOLAR is an industrial research project that aims to design and develop a new tool that will allow the solar photovoltaic energy production sector to precisely know the state of health of solar installations and to be able to plan the necessary maintenance actions in order to maximize the efficiency and production level of photovoltaic plants, with the aim of reducing costs and environmental impacts using life cycle assessment methodology.

The project has a total budget of ~250k€. The consortium is led by STERNA, and IREC is a partner. Two research IREC groups are involved in CIRSOLAR: Energy Systems Analytics and Power Systems groups.  

IREC researchers (Gabriela Benveniste, Víctor José Ferreira, José Luis Domínguez, Pol Paradell) will be in charge of research into predictive models and life cycle assessment.

This project has received funding from ACCIÓ.