CO2 conversion and digitization of energy, among the most demanded technologies by companies

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The Energy for Society Network (XRE4S) has published its portfolio with more than 30 technological solutions in the energy sector to companies and investors. This network, which includes 39 research groups from the main universities and research centers in Catalonia, aims at implementing these solutions in companies to increase energy efficiency, while reducing the cost or the waste of materials. The factsheets of this portfolio include generation of renewable photovoltaic and wind energy, integration of energy technologies, power converters and digitization, new materials and devices, as well as solutions to improve energy efficiency in buildings and industry. IREC is the coordinator of this network, and a participating member with more than 10 of the technologies in this portfolio.

The industrial sector is interested in solutions such as  CO2 and waste conversion, improving battery processes and materials or implementing energy optimization and digitization tools in systems and buildings, among many other solutions. The XRE4S Network has made an effort to bridge the academic and the enterprise worlds, by gathering the main energy innovations resulting from the research and innovation from the Network members. The XRE4S has organized several webinars with industrial clusters and platforms at Catalan and Spanish level, while providing more friendly formats to communicate these innovations, such as short technological videos published through its YouTube channel.

According to Joana Tarrés, manager of the XRE4S, “companies need innovation, but it is difficult for them to detect which solutions are feasible for them”. “Our network aims to facilitate this connection with the academic world, which is developing, today. the solutions and the  technological solutions for tomorrow.”

The complete press release (in Catalan, Spanish and English) can be found in the following links:

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