Developing Social and Sustainable Economy support platform for urban regeneration

  • Smart energy management

The kick-off meeting of Comunitat.Coop (Social and Sustainable Economy SSE support platform for urban regeneration) was held on December 22, 2021. The main purpose of the project is to create the digital platform that integrates the different services needed for the SSE support model for urban regeneration, like a vehicle for cooperative and fair access to the decarbonization of the building stock.

The EU declaration of the state of climate emergency, the decarbonization targets for 2050, and the recovery, transformation and resilience Plan, results on the introduction of the so-called Rehabilitation Agent as the only interlocutor, and raises the need for the creation of this model to be fast and, at the same time, to offer support to citizens.

The approach of the project is to build a service platform that allows the foundations of the model to be laid through: integrating the retrofitting processes; provide a cross-scalar view of the process of urban regeneration; integrate the functionalities of the planning, management and financing axes; highlight the benefits of improvement actions; and to provide specific services aimed at the agents involved in the energy transition throughout Catalonia.

The project lasts 15 months and involves 6 entities: Cíclica Arquitectura SCCL, IREC, Haus Healthy Buildings SL, ETCS, Marcove Industrial SL, and Dies d’Agost SCCL. MicroPobles is an additional participating entity on a voluntary basis.

This is a project for the socio-economic reactivation of COVID-19, promoted and financed by: Generalitat de Catalunya – Departament d’Empresa i Treball.