Energueia, a software platform for demand aggregation: new IREC spin-off

ENERGUEIA spin-off
  • Smart energy management

ENERGUEIA SL is a spin-off company from IREC, created on July the 7th, 2020. It aims to accelerate the energy transition, democratize the access to cleaner and cheaper energy by providing ways to monetize the flexibility of energy assets and the integration of renewable energy sources.

ENERGUEIA was born to be the software platform of choice for demand aggregation offering a modular architecture and versatile platform. The software is able to adapt customer requirements and regulations whilst minimizing customization efforts. The technology has an artificial intelligence core that allows customised and tailored solutions whilst reducing operating costs. It has the capability to manage all type of demand flexibility, which avoids asset discrimination and offers an easy integration platform, providing aggregation management to the energy market agents.

The technology is the result of the extensive work performed by the Energy System Analytics research group at IREC, led by Dr. Cristina Corchero. The group accounts for more than 10 years of experience working at the intersection of technology and energy analytics. This know-how has been transferred to ENERGUEIA through a licensing and technology transfer agreement granting full commercial rights.