Energy retrofitting of buildings may save 560M euros, IREC says

  • Smart energy management

The recent publication of IREC’s researchers of Thermal Energy and Building in the journal “Energy Policy” titled “Health and related economic effects of residential energy retrofitting in Spain” estimates the potential economic savings in the healthcare system thanks to the energy efficiency improvements made to vulnerable dwellings which positively affect occupant health.

These savings will drop down the costs of health care, medicines and costs derived from sick leave (labour costs) thanks to the positive impact of reducing to 15% the number of homes with at least one sick person.

The co-benefits in terms of health imply an added value for the occupants and the health system, and at the same time they are positive arguments to promote energy rehabilitation.

Access to the full paper is available before June 18, 2019 at:

The research has been promoted and funded by la “Fundación la Casa que Ahorra”