European projects come together for “the Power of Interfaces” 2024 workshop

  • Energy storage

The “Power of Interfaces” 2024 workshop, was held at the Caixa Forum, in Palma de Mallorca from April 3rd to 5th, 2024, and marked a significant moment in European innovation and collaboration in the energy sector. Leading European projects, 24/7 ZEN, HarveStore, EpiStore, and HyP3D and led by IREC researchers, co-organized the event, while also actively engaging and providing invaluable contributions.

The workshop provided opportunities for key discussions and insights into the most recent developments and advances in energy technologies. The workshop topics ranged from the exploration of novel materials and solid-state devices for energy storage and conversion, modeling, and characterization techniques, to the application of micro- and nanotechnologies for energy devices.

An international spring school was held at the same location on April 3rd, prior to the workshop. The spring school, also co-hosted by EpiStore, HarveStore, HyP3D, and 24/7 ZEN, covered a wide range of topics, providing an overview of the fundamentals of materials, while also analyzing devices and systems.

“The Power of Interfaces” workshop showcased prospects for innovation and advancement in the energy sector by demonstrating the potential of collaboration and knowledge sharing among the participants. These European initiatives share a common goal and are determined to create a sustainable energy future.

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