Flexibility in electrical networks

  • Smart energy management

The Energy Systems Analytics group of IREC has collaborated in the study ‘Flexibility in electricity distribution networks’ published by the Spanish Electricity Network Platform (FUTURED Platform) to promote R&D&I to Spanish electricity transmission and distribution networks.

The report implies the definition of the Spanish energy policy, increasing the independence of external energy and consistently reducing the environmental impact caused by the infrastructures of the electricity system. The main strategies to achieve these objectives consist of saving and using energy in a rational way, through the most efficient electrical systems, and making the most of domestic resources.

This work describes both the needs of the agents and the technical solutions that can be envisaged today. It also includes the role that the different agents can assume in these processes and the main barriers to entry that are envisioned, in addition to offering a series of regulatory recommendations that would facilitate the implementation of flexibility.

The objective is to analyze the current state of flexibility in Spain in electricity grids, taking into account both the specification of flexibility services and their implementation, as well as the market mechanisms for their acquisition, as well as the role that energy distributors will develop electrical.

The FutuRed working group continues to work on the second phase of the document, in which it is intended to develop a guide for the development of sandboxes to facilitate the request for flexibility pilot projects.

Download the report and learn more about the conclusions obtained by the specific FutuRed working group on the impact of flexibility in distribution networks in the following link