The graphene association “GRAPHCAT” sets its goals

  • Energy storage

The ultimate vision of the GraphCAT Association is to establish Catalonia as an international reference in graphene research, development and innovation, with multiple local industries deriving strong competitive advantage in the global marketplace through the integration of proprietary graphene technologies into their products and services.

GraphCAT will achieve this by cultivating a strong community of international graphene researchers, practitioners and businesses, bringing their combined expertise to the development of cutting-edge graphene technologies for and by Catalan industry. It will also provide support for the transfer of technology to industry, as well as the creation of spin-off companies.

Specifically, it will do so through GraphCAT sub-projects, led by association members and co-funded through the Catalan regional research and innovation strategy for smart specialisation, RIS3CAT.

IREC participates in two sub-projects of the GRAPHCAT association:

  • Autograph project (led by Prof. Joan Ramon Morante) which will develop electrodes based on graphene in autonomous systems for energy storage devices
  • Integro project (led by Dr. Teresa Andreu) which will develop perovskite solar cell combined with a graphene electrode for CO2 reduction

The project is co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development fund (ERDF) Operational Programme Catalonia 2014-2020 and supported by the Government of Catalonia.