The Hydrogen Table from ICAEN promotes hydrogen tecnologies in Catalonia

Taula Hidrogen-ICAEN-IREC
  • Energy and environment
  • Energy storage

The Generalitat de Catalunya, via ICAEN, is promoting the climate change law number 16/2017 and the proposed law on Energy Transition in Catalonia. The National Pact for the Energy Transition of Catalonia now also aims to identify the current situation of hydrogen and the actions that must be taken to develop this energy vector.

ICAEN has created “the Hydrogen Table” in Catalonia, formed by companies, entities and administrations that provide opinions and proposes specific solutions, where IREC has taken a leading role by coordinating one of the working groups.

Working groups and operation of the Table

Several researchers from the groups at IREC “Nanoionics and Fuel Cells” and “Storage, Harvesting and Catalysis” are actively participating in all the working groups of the Table, listed below:

Generation of renewable hydrogen, from solar, wind and biomass (with the participation of Teresa Andreu, Albert Tarancón and Marc Torrell)

Infrastructure and supply: transport, distribution and supply of hydrogen (led by Albert Tarancón)

Decarbonization in the industrial sector and in buildings (with the participation of Joan Ramon Morante and Marc Torrell)

• Mobility (in collaboration with the Directorate General of Industry) (with the participation of Gotzon Garcia)

For more information, you can consult the link (in Catalan):