Improving energy efficiency with advanced thermoelectric materials

Surface Chemistry and Band Engineering in AgSbSe2: Toward High Thermoelectric Performance IREC ACS NANO Funtional Nanomaterials
  • Energy and environment

In a significant development, researchers from the Functional Nanomaterials group at IREC, have made a remarkable breakthrough in thermoelectric technology. The study of Yu Liu, co-led by ICREA Prof. Andreu Cabot, head of the Functional Nanomaterials group, focuses on the compound AgSbSe2 (Silver Antimony Selenide), a promising material for thermoelectric applications.

The researchers have developed a solution-based synthesis and surface chemistry method to engineer the band structure of AgSbSe2. This innovative approach has led to a significant improvement in the thermoelectric performance of the compound. The authors have also explored the impact of Sn (Tin) doping, a process that introduces impurities to enhance the material’s properties, leading to further enhancements in its thermoelectric capabilities.

This research is a significant milestone in the field of thermoelectric materials. The advancements made could lead to more efficient and sustainable energy solutions, offering substantial benefits to society and industry. The improved thermoelectric performance of AgSbSe2 could be utilised in a range of applications, including waste heat recovery, power generation, and cooling systems, contributing to a more sustainable and energy-efficient future.

Moreover, the findings of this study could stimulate further research in the field of thermoelectric materials, potentially leading to the discovery of new materials with even higher performance. The methods developed by the IREC researchers could also be applied to other materials, broadening the scope of this research.

Improving-energy-efficiency-with-advanced-thermoelectric-materials_IREC- Funtional Nanomaterials

This groundbreaking research was conducted within IREC, highlighting the institute’s commitment to advancing sustainable energy technologies.

This research was a collaborative effort, with valuable contributions from Yu Liu, Mingquan Li, Shanhong Wan, Khak Ho Lim, Yu Zhang, Mengyao Li, Junshan Li, Maria Ibáñez, Min Hong, and Andreu Cabot. We extend our gratitude to all these researchers for their significant contributions to this study.

For more details, refer to the original article published in ACS Nano: Surface Chemistry and Band Engineering in AgSbSe2: Toward High Thermoelectric Performance.