IREC actively participates in Tasks from the IEA devoted to LCA for electric vehicles

IREC actively participates in Tasks from the IEA devoted to LCA for electric vehicles_IREC
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The actual work on hybrid and electric vehicles (HEV) at the International Energy Agency (IEA) is done through a variety of different Tasks that are focused on specific topics. Each topic is addressed in a Task, which is managed by a Task Manager. IREC participates in several of these actions, described below.

Based on the previous HEV Task 30Assessment of Environmental Effects of Electric Vehicles” (2016–2021), the new Task 46, which started almost one year ago, expands its focus from passenger vehicles to additional UNECE-classes like two-wheelers, buses, heavy and delivery trucks, and other working machines with their necessary charging system. The development of a harmonised LCA methodology for these vehicle classes among the participating countries is the major focus of the globally accepted subjects. This shared methodology will enable the IEA as an organization and involved partners to compare alternative propulsion systems based on electricity, such as battery electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and e-fuel vehicles, with an internal combustion engine to conventional fuels more accurately and based on fact. In this vein, Task 46 started its activities focusing on the methodological aspects concerning the identification of key issues on LCA of trucks, e-fuels and LCA, climate neutralityand circularity.

Gabriela Benveniste and Victor Jose Ferreira Ferreira from the Energy System Analytics group at IREC are deputy managers to support the task manager Dr. Gerfried Jungmeier from Joanneum Research (Austria). On the technical side, IREC contributes to methodology revision and development on the assessment of environmental effects and the application of circular economy aspects mainly focused on recyclability methodological aspects of batteries for e-mobility, as well as, analysis of necessary and available data, and an overview of international studies/literature. In addition, IREC has supported the organization and hosting of workshops to discuss relevant topics related to both tasks.

The member countries of Task 46 are Austria, Germany, Spain, Republic of Korea, Switzerland and United States of America.

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