IREC and Barcelona-Catalonia Logistics Centre establish a partnership pioneering Catalonia’s logistics innovation

IREC and Barcelona-Catalonia Logistics Centre establish a partnership pioneering Catalonia's logistics innovation
  • Energy and environment
  • Smart energy management

At a critical juncture for Catalonia’s logistics and energy future, a significant agreement was signed this morning at the CZF offices in Barcelona between the Fundació Institut de Recerca en Energia de Catalunya (IREC) and the Barcelona-Catalunya Centre Logístic (BCL). This collaboration aims to transform the current landscape towards a more sustainable and innovative management, marking a key moment in the commitment to sustainability and innovation in the Catalan logistics sector.

This strategic alliance, aimed at promoting the development and implementation of advanced solutions in the logistics field, will allow both entities to share resources, knowledge, and networks, enhancing the competitiveness and efficiency of the sector not only in Catalonia but also on an international level.

IREC’s director, Joan Ramon Morante, emphasized that “this collaboration between IREC and BCL symbolizes a step forward towards the integration of sustainable and innovative solutions in the logistics sector. We are committed to working together to develop technologies that not only improve our energy efficiency but also contribute to creating a more sustainable environment for everyone.”

BCL’s president, Pere Navarro, highlighted that “the collaboration with IREC is particularly relevant as it allows offering the logistics sector of Barcelona and Catalonia a wide range of innovative technologies that will enable the decarbonization of the activities of a sector vital for the country’s economy and society. Furthermore, the agreement demonstrates that cooperation between public and private initiatives can find new paths that lead us to be a more sustainable sector.”

New Focus on Energy Transition

The logistics and transport sector in Catalonia, essential for the economy with a weight of more than 14.5% of GDP, is at the heart of the strategy for an energy transition with today’s agreement. This initiative prioritizes the metropolitan region of Barcelona and focuses on the development of energy communities, the use of local renewable energy, the promotion of sustainable mobility, and the exploration of alternative energy sources for all modes of transport. It also incorporates the use of simulation tools and prospective analysis to guide the transformation towards the sustainability goals of 2050, thus consolidating IREC and BCL’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in the sector.

The agreement includes activities such as the joint development of research projects, organization of conferences and workshops, and the promotion of sustainable energy communities. Through this collaboration, IREC and BCL reaffirm their commitment to innovation and a sustainable energy transition, demonstrating their role as leaders in the transformation towards a greener and more efficient future for Catalonia.

For further details on this groundbreaking collaboration, including press releases in Catalan and Spanish, please follow the links.