IREC collaborates with ALITER to integrate green hydrogen in a photovoltaic plant

  • Energy and environment
  • Energy storage
  • Smart energy management

The HiFv project is an INNOTEC project for industrial research and experimental development between a Catalan company (Àliter Grup Renovables) and TECNIO accredited technology developer (IREC) that has finalised this semester.

The HiFv project stands for “Desenvolupament d’un sistema de generació d’hidrogen net acoblat a una planta d’energia solar fotovoltaica“, and focused on the design of an integrated hydrogen generation system using highly efficient photovoltaic technology and involving collaboration between IREC and ALITER. IREC has contributed with the knowledge of fuel cell and high-temperature electrolysis technologies, along with power electronics and control for the integration of these technologies in the photovoltaic plant. The knowledge and data related to the photovoltaic technology has been contributed by the company ALITER. The result of the collaboration implied a minimization of the losses due to conversion into the generation of green hydrogen.

The project has also performed a techno-economic study on the operating modes of the electrolyzer, according to the profiles of ALITER photovoltaic plants, which demonstrated its feasibility, maximizing the durability and the operating hours comparing the results at maximum efficiency and/or maximum production.

The activities at IREC were carried out by Marc Torrell and Lucile Bernadet from the Nanoionics and Fuel Cells group and Jose Luis Domínguez, Héctor del Pozo, Alber Filbà and Oriol Esquius from the Power Systems group.

This project has received the support from from ACCIO.