IREC coordinates a Clean Hydrogen Joint Undertaking project in 3D printing

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HyP3D is a project funded project by the Clean Hydrogen Joint Undertaking that stands for “Hydrogen Production in Pressurized 3D-Printed Solid Oxide Electrolysis Stacks“. The kick-off meeting is held in Barcelona today, January the 17th, 2023.

Reliable and stable operation under pressure is one of the major challenges of currently existing Solid Oxide Electrolysis (SOEL) technologies for its ultimate application in relevant sectors such as energy storage and transport. The main goal of HyP3D is to overcome this barrier by delivering disruptive ultra-compact and lightweight high-pressure SOEL stacks, able to convert electricity into compressed hydrogen, for gas grid injection and on-site generation in Hydrogen Refueling Stations. HyP3D stacks are based on innovative 3D-printed SOEL cells with unprecedented mechanical properties, embedded functionality and self-tightening capabilities implemented by design.

The project has a total budget of 2.5M€ and will run for 3 years. IREC will coordinate the project and Prof. ICREA Albert Tarancón, head of the Nanoionics and Fuel Cells group at IREC will act as the project leader.

The project is product-driven and involves industrial partners with proved experience in mass manufacturing of ceramics by 3D printing, glass-to metal sealing and assembly of electrolysers, which will ensure, together with the presence of P2G and HRS stakeholders, competently covering the entire value-chain. The consortium is formed by 8 European partners including IREC, DTU, Politecnico Di Torino, BSC-CNS, SAS 3DCERAM SINTO, VAC TRON SA, H2B2 Electrolysis Technologies SL, and SNAM SPA.

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