IREC hosts a school visit in the framework of the CientífiKs initiative

  • Energy storage

Yesterday, the 5th grade primary students from Escola Parc del Guinardó visited IREC headquarters in the framework of the CientífiKs initiative.

CientífiKs is a virtual educational program of the Departament de  Recerca i Universitats from Generalitat de Catalunya aimed at 5th grade students in schools in Catalonia. During the program, the participating schools have to design a video game about an active Catalan researcher, this year dealing with the climate emergency from various research perspectives, by the hand of the chosen researcher.

Paulina Martínez, from the Functional Nanomaterials group, is the reference researcher from IREC for these students, and the research is focused around the WINE-EVIB Tecniospring project (ACCiÓ) aimed at accomplishing the full potential of biomass as a net-zero source of commodity chemicals and fuels.

Together with colleagues from the Functional nanomaterials, Nanoionics & Fuel Cells and Energy Storage, Harvesting & Catalysis groups, Paulina explained basic energy concepts and showed energy conversion processed by demonstrating how a hydrogen car or an electrochemical cell work.

Tecniospring is ACCIÓ’s international talent programme, which boosts technology transfer processes by offering R&D companies and TECNIO centres 2-year employment contracts to host a researcher. This programme is co-financed by the H2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie actions of the European Union.